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  Southern Antiques and House Restoration
"an  tique"    n. an object made in an earlier period...

    My definition of "antique" is a little more restrictive than Webster's definition, however, mine is based purely on my love of early (pre -1840) southern antiques. I am an "antiques dealers dealer". I like the bantering between dealer and collector, the struggle to justify the price, and the reward when someone says, "I'll take it".

    Frank Horton was one of those dealers too. He restored an entire town, Old Salem, and founded the first museum devoted strictly to Early Southern Decorative Arts. Frank and I shared many good stories about people, antiques, and restoration.

   Most of what I know today, I learned by traveling the countryside from Molly's Backbone Road clear over to Beef Tongue Road. One of the best tables I ever owned, I bought from a man who sat down and ate lunch with me at Hardee's because I offered him the only seat left which just happened to be at my table. Sometimes good things happen when least expected.

  So browse the Antiques for SALE, check out the North Carolina Cabinet Makers, and enjoy my discussion on Restoring Antiques.

Bob Pearl, Antiques Dealer